Song of The Day: Team B (WIN) – Climax

This is a post dedicated to a group of aspiring dreamers who took my heart and moved me to tears =’) I did not think that I will be so attached with you guys. Even though it is not your time to debut, I believe that your perseverance, teamwork and love towards music will lead you to the stage once again. I am your fan and will always support you. Shine forever, Team B! And thank you for being such an inspiration.


Song of The Day: Ayumi Hamasaki – Evolution

A popular song all the time from Ayumi. I have been busy writing my thesis and gathering lots of information about my samples including Ayu, so I started to listen to her old and new songs again :) Evolution is one of Ayu’s master pieces that is always performed during her anniversary concert. There is no need to explain further, you shall try to listen to it (and read the lyric as it is very thoughtful!).

Song of The Day: Atsushi (EXILE) & Joe Hisaishi – 懺悔

Recently, I have been listening to Atsushi’s songs especially “Zange” (confession), a beautiful piece of work resulted from his collaboration with Japanese famous composer Joe Hisaishi (you may have listened to Joe’s works in many Ghibli’s animated movies). “Zange” is so complex, unlike your usual simple pop tune. The piano sound in the intro, followed by Atsushi’s beautiful voice and violin play. I have never listened to any commercial and contemporary Japanese pop songs like “Zange”. If I can choose whether “Zange” is a high or low cultural product, I will say the former without any hesitation. Not only the music, the lyric is very sophisticated and philosophical. Overall, “Zange” is a song that stands out among (often) low-quality pop songs in Japan this year. I definitely recommend this song any time, whether you are working and want to have not-noisy song; just want to take a rest and release stress or want to have a song that can send you to wonderland at night :)

Recent Updates of My Life: Study, Workout and Cooking

For the past two weeks or so, I had been struggling to finish some parts of my thesis writing. I did not have proper sleep as I went to bed between 2 and 4 am. The second semester of my study is almost over as we are approaching long-summer holiday in December. However, more importantly is that I will have my candidature review early next year (before February 2014 – I have not booked the event yet). It will be a lie if I am not anxious and stressful about my candidature review. For the last nine months, many things happened including changing course and research topics that I am still grasping the situation. While others have already finished writing literature review, I just started. That is why I am pressured to finish half parts of my thesis before the date of candidature review. Well, at least, I don’t give up but I’m keeping up my spirit high :) I have been reading and writing everyday, trying to finish most of the parts before going back to see my parents in December. Wish me luck! X)

But the main reason why I am so inclined to write this post is because of my feeling now :) Continue reading

Song of The Day: Block B – Be The Light

I enjoy the melody and their voices. But more than that, I am amazed by the lyric. There are many Korean songs whose lyrics that are too generic – there is nothing special about it. However, this song gives me personal touch that is well-written. It portrays and describes the feeling very deep without unnecessary words such as English words that are often put as a filler or to create a ‘cool’ nonsense nuance of the song (there are some incorrect grammars, but forgivable). Here is the translated version of the song taken from Continue reading


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